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Beyond Architecture Exhibit

Eduardo Lowe

Excited to show my latest set design a AIA Gallery on March 5th, 2015 in Downtown Tampa.

Mitt Romney at Buddy Brew Coffee

Eduardo Lowe

2012 Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney, interviewed at Buddy Brew Coffee in Tampa, FLSo, on June 16th, 2011, the logo I designed for Tampa's Buddy Brew Coffee was seen NATIONWIDE on CNN and it served as a backdrop to Mitt Romney's press conference.   Mr. Romney, thanks for giving me such indirect media exposure!  It felt good, I have to say, to see my design on the newscast.  XD

P.S.:  This post does not reflect my political views or support.

New Logotype: The Disco Dolls

Eduardo Lowe

The Disco Dolls new logotype design and divisions.

TAMPA, FL – On Feb. 2010, Tampa's newest fashion group The Disco Dolls, had commissioned me to design their identity and division identities, which were revealed in the launching of their brand new website www.thediscodolls.com.  Today I am honored to introduce the logotypes publicly.


Panama's Metro Logo Design

Eduardo Lowe

Photo on the right from Panama's Government Website.As most of you know, the Panamanian Government had launched a contest to define their city's Metro logo identity back in October 2009.  A month after, the winner was chosen and many other contestants found that the winning logo looked almost identical to the one from a TV station in Spain.    Anyways, it was too much controversy!

Well... even though I didn't win, the great news was that my pieces (2 logos were allowed) made it to the contest safely and a picture from the presidential website was enough proof of it.   Here I'm releasing the design I submitted for your enjoyment! :)


Launching of eduardolowe.com

Eduardo Lowe

Breaking News!

My site is finally up n' running!   I feel so excited that I can finally provide information to my new clients about me, my work gallery and services.  Please let me know what should I add or change, 'cause change is good!

;) EL